2007 Tax Freedom Rally

Sponsored by Free Enterprise Society - 209-966-7040

October 19, 20, and 21, 2007 - Printer friendly Flyer CLICK HERE

Order Recordings

If all goes as planned we will have high quality recording in the following three formats.  

Audio Tapes 6.00, Audio CDs 6.00, DVD video 12.00

Shipping 5.00 per order.

Printable Order Form

It will be up to 30 days after the event to ship these items.

Substitutions may be made for speakers who cannot attend.

Special prices for the set are listed on the right.  Order from: FES, 6083 N. Figarden Drive #208, Fresno, Ca 93722.  209-966-7040  Cash or BLANK money order preferred.  Checks or MO's made to OBS. 

07ATD 07CTD 07DTD Tom DeWeese
07ASH 07CSH 07DSH Steve Hempfling
07ALB 07CLB 07DLB Attorney Larry Becraft
07AJB 07CJB 07DJB Joe Banister
07ATC 07CTC 07DTC Attorney Tommy Cryer
  Robert Schulz Did not Appear
07ADC 07CDC 07DDC Dave Champion
07ADV 07CDV 07DDV David vonKleist
07APM 07CPM 07DPM Peymon Mottahedeh
      Sherry Jackson Did not appear
07ATG 07CTG 07DTG Ted Gunderson
07ARL 07CRL 07DRL Rae Copitka & Loma Wharton
07ADR 07CDR 07DDR Senator Don Rogers ADDED
07ARG 07CRG 07DRG Richard Gage ADDED








All 12 Audio Tapes (Save 17.00) Order# 07AAL - or All 12 CDs Order# 07CAL Separately 72.00 NOW 55.00

All 12 DVDs           (Save 34.00) Order# 07DAL Separately 144.00 NOW 110.00